Self Care for Midwives

Stretches and exercises

Self Massage-caring for yourself

Partner Massage-caring for your colleagues

Treating simple ailments

Sharing Circle

Hydration, Nutrition, rest, pacing

Cycle awareness/working with the menopause

Support networks

Dealing with hostile work cultures/bullying

Shiatsu Techniques for Midwives

'Midwives should keep up to date with non-pharmacological methods of pain relief. These include water, positions and movement, massage , coping strategies and alternative therapies.' RCM care in labour guidelines 2012 

A day to explore;

Use of touch

Principles and practice of shiatsu

Acupressure points-uses and location


Policy and the code-use in practice

Other ways to support normal birth



Do get in touch for more information. I am happy to travel and can plan the day around the needs of your team or group. It will be an enjoyable, relaxed, participatory day. 

Pressures on midwives are high in the current climate due to understaffing, a rise in high risk labours and a blame and litigation culture. Its therefore more important than ever to invest in midwives, helping them stay healthy, attend to their emotional wellbeing and create a positive team culture. Lets not lose the good midwives we have got!

Alternatively; host a caring for you day. I and a team of complimentary therapists can attend your workplace or venue and provide treatments and pampering until everyone is relaxed and happy!