'Nurturing the ones who Nurture'

Supporting women on their journey into and through family Life.

Family Nurture

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Massage with warm scented oils and gentle music is the perfect way to return to yourself.

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Shiatsu is a powerful and connected treatment based on traditional Chinese Medicine

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Family Nurture exists to support parents on their journey into and through family life, to 'nurture the ones who nurture' so they can be resourced to do the most important job in the world; creating and bringing up a new human being.. Parenting is a steep learning curve and a child's needs constantly change. Family Nurture aims to help through connecting you with a community, running classes and groups to resource you and shiatsu and massage treatments to keep you well.

Juliet Morgan

Pregnancy Groups

Support yourself during pregnancy; stretches, relaxation, process art, self massage, meet other mums to be.




Resource yourself with information and practical skills for birth.

Baby Massage Classes

Connect with your baby with loving  touch, games, songs and meet other new parents too!

Continuous Professional Development

Workshops for Midwives and Student Midwives

Self Care for Midwives

Shiatsu and Acupressure Techniques for Midwives

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